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How Sweet It Is

Local Bakery Goes National

By Kay Sperduti

Cafe Valley Bakery croissants on a roll

People all over the country enjoy a taste of Arizona at breakfast and dessert while thinking it comes straight from their local grocer. For 20 years, Café Valley Bakery has provided baked goods such as muffins, pastries and cakes to grocers, quick serve restaurants, and membership club retailers.

Their manufacturing is based in the Southwest Valley where they are currently building a new factory slated to open in January 2011. The growing company, which considers itself to be an expert in both muffins and cakes, is also expanding on the east coast.

“When it comes to bakeries, we’re the biggest of the small and the smallest of the big,” said Ron Ogan, president and chief executive officer. “Because we have six different product lines, our customers can order smaller quantities of many items and still come up with a full truck load thereby taking advantage of economy of scale on freight.”

Customers also have the peace of mind of precise quality standards and traceability. In fact, they can test Café Valley with a mock recall and within two hours find out on what day items were produced for them, how many cases, and the names of suppliers for every ingredient.

The company relies heavily on local suppliers including Hickman’s Family Farms for eggs, and credits another local factor for its growth. “A huge part of our success is our tremendous local workforce,” Ogan said. “We absolutely credit our national reputation for quality and innovation to our staff.”

Having a hometown baker focused on their people, local suppliers and product quality makes Café Valley’s growth in today’s economy just that much sweeter.

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