GPCCTV: VYP Mentor Breakfast

November 13th, 2012

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The Valley Young Professionals' first-ever Mentor Breakfast on Thursday, November 8 was a huge success. Thirty young professionals had the chance to break bread and get career and personal advice from ten veteran Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Board members at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown's District restaurant. With Republic Media's Brooke Christofferson, Petsmart's Rob Edmund and SRP's Peter Hayes among those offering counsel, VYP members spent a very valuable morning learning from some of the Valley's top business minds. You can hear what a few VYPers thought of the event in this exclusive GPCCTV video.

This invitation-only VYP event was the first of its kind, but won't be the last. Contact Amber Back at 602.495.6479 or aback [at] phoenixchamber [dot] com to find out how you can get involved when the next Mentor Breakfast is scheduled. 

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