Empower Your Employees

January 10th, 2013
Empowered employees are less likely to look like this.

Companies in today’s business climate often have to do more with less, and getting the most out of your employees can be the difference between success and failure. An empowered employee is an engaged employee, and help an organization run more efficiently. Here are a few tips to empower the people who work for you:

  • Let them participate. Involve your employees in decision-making so they feel there are two lines of communication instead of just directives from above.
  • Ask for suggestions. They will often have good ideas about how to do their jobs. A worker given room for creativity may feel there’s less drudgery to their tasks. 
  • Reinforce. Employees need feedback – positive and negative – throughout a task’s process, not just at the end. Not hearing anything from higher-ups can make workers wonder why they bother.
  • Communicate clearly. Confusion – and potentially costly mistakes - can often be avoided if expectations aren’t misunderstood. 
  • Trust them to make decisions. An employee who knows you’re not standing over their shoulder ready to second-guess every decision feels more comfortable making those decisions. Mistakes will happen – but show them that they’re a natural part of learning and growing. 
  • Delegate tasks and pass out credit. Many unhappy employees feel like they never get to do anything worthwhile and are rarely recognized when they do. Doling out important tasks and sharing success makes everyone feel more connected to your organization.
  • Take an active role in their development. If your employees aren’t growing and learning new skills, your company isn’t going anywhere, either. Encourage professional development, training and education. 
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