Some Things are Worth Repeating

November 8th, 2012
A happy customer is what we all want, right?

Being a regular has its perks: complimentary first-class upgrades, a free sandwich when you buy 10 or a bonus hotel night, for starters. But it’s not just customers who benefit. Regardless of your industry, keeping your regulars happy means less trolling for new business. Here are a few ways to keep your regulars satisfied:

  • Ask questions. “Talk to your customers and find out what makes them tick,” says Ann Siner, co-founder and CEO of Eco-Chic Consignments Inc., the umbrella company for My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited.
  • Communicate. “Regardless of how it’s done, Ways to get repeat customersmeaningful communication is by far the best way to maintain your clients as regular customers,” says Bob Keats, president of Keats, Connelly and Associates. Keats’ team connects with clients during monthly calls and meetings, while My Sister’s Closet uses e-mail to announce upcoming sales or other events to its regulars.
  • Make it personal. At My Sister’s Closet, Siner explains, a customer can use a wish list to indicate her favorite brands, and when a new shipment arrives that she might like, she’ll receive a call or an e-mail.
  • Offer value. Keats’ company demonstrates value to its customers through a bimonthly newsletter and educational workshops.
  • Reward referrals. “We want our clients to refer other clients,” Keats explains. “If they do, we will donate $500 to their favorite charity.”
  • Request feedback. Keats explains that every couple of years, the company surveys its clients in addition to conducting mini-surveys related to specific projects.
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