Creative Team Building Ideas

November 27th, 2012

Getting your team to truly work together might require more than just regular meetings or directives from the boss. Getting your team away from their desks, out of their routines and into team-building mode can build trust and respect. And, as Cathy French, principal at Veritas Leadership Group, LLC, explains, it can be a lot of fun, too!

Effective, high performing teams (1) have clear collective goals and individual responsibilities, (2) practice skills and persevere and (3) have fun! Try one of the following ideas to build your effective and high performing team!

  • Explore the Valley. Divide your Team into smaller Exploration Teams (ETeams). ETeams find hidden locations and perform tasks and challenges as part of this activity. Each successfully completed task earns the team valuable points. As locations and challenges increase in difficulty so will the points the ETeam earns. ETeams will be given limited materials to complete the tasks and will be responsible for their own time and resource management, while using their own digital or cell phone cameras to document their activities. A team of judges determines the team with the most number of points which is announced at a post-event wrap up party. Adapt this activity to Explore your City, Neighborhood, Office Building, Desert Botantical Garden, etc.
  • Fun On-site Classes/Events. Provide fun classes that employees (and their families) can attend after work or on weekends. Examples include cheese making, beer making, cooking classes of all kinds, and product-centered tips and sessions for customers who attend on their own time but without paying any fees. The employees involved in the customer events hone their teamwork skills by planning, organizing, and attending the events that educated fellow employees and customers.
  • Personal Artifacts. Provide each employee with a brown paper bag and have him/her bring a "personal artifact" to the meeting and put in the center of the table. The item should have very special meaning to the person who brought it. A facilitator or team leader opens one bag and asks employees to guess who brought the item. Once “guessed”, the person who brought the "artifact" is asked to stand and to explain why the item has special meaning for them. This continues until all items have been explained! 


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