Creating Your 30-Second Pitch

November 27th, 2012
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While today's media-filled world offers more outlets than ever to get out the word about your company or yourself, crafting just the right pitch is critical to helping you stand out from the crowds trying to do the exact same thing. We asked public relations professional Jenny Brooks of Jenny Brooks PR for some tips about getting noticed so you can get on the air or in print. 

In the world of public relations, a pitch is an idea about your company or someone in your company you share with a reporter in the hopes it will get you coverage in your desired media, such as a newspaper, a magazine or TV. 

To get started answer the five Ws: 

  • Who are you? 
  • What are you offering? 
  • When are you offering it? 
  • Where are you offering it? 
  • Why are you offering it? Or Why should your target audience care? 

With those answers in hand, the next step is to develop the hook. 

  • Why is this something your target media should care about? 
  • How does your information affect their readers/viewers/listeners? 
  • Is it a current event or a trend? 
  • Is it truly unique? 
  • Can you back it up with proof and/or examples? 
  • Do you have visual samples (a must for TV pitches)?

Next, polish it up and trim it down. Start with your hook and spell out your five Ws. To end it, politely ask for a response. When you read it out loud, it should be no longer than 30 seconds. Don’t forget to ask someone to proofread it to ensure your message is clear. 

This kind of approach to creating a pitch is the same no matter what you’re pitching, from TV and newspaper to mommy bloggers. Remember, each of these people is busy, underpaid and overwhelmed with pitches. Work hard to make your pitch stand out, and you will be rewarded.  

Good luck!

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