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In April 2001, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce launched the Phoenix Forum series, bringing political icons, sports legends and national leaders to Phoenix to discuss a wide range of topics. Over the years the Chamber has hosted speakers such as United States Senator Bill Bradley, Baseball Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda and political pundits James Carville and Mary Matalin. The Phoenix Forums are an opportunity to bring our community together. Continue to check for upcoming information. 

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All-time Phoenix Forum Speakers

April 25, 2001: Former US Senator Bill Bradley
May 18, 2001: Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu
June 21, 2001: CBS Sportscaster Greg Gumbel
July 25, 2001: Columnist George Will
September 27, 2001: Chevron Chairman/CEO David J. O'Reilly
October 25, 2001: Former CIA Director Robert M. Gates
November 7, 2001: Former Vice President Dan Quayle
December 13, 2001: Former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry

January 22, 2002: CNN MoneyLine host Stuart Varney
April 9, 2002: Former American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall
May 1, 2002: Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton
July 17, 2002: Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol
September 25, 2002: US Undersecretary of Education Dr. Eugene Hickok
October 23, 2002: US Senator Alan Simpson
November 14, 2002: Political Consultant James Carville
December 10, 2002: Citizens Energy Corporation Chairman/President Joseph P. Kennedy II

February 26, 2003: Political Consultant Mary Matalin
May 15, 2003: Crime Specialist Frank Abagnale
June 24, 2003: Former NFL Quarterback Joe Theismann
August 27, 2003: Arizona Biodesign Institute Director Dr. George Poste
September 23, 2003: Greenburg Traurig President & CEO Cesar Alvarez
October 23, 2003: Former Ambassador to the United Nations Alan Keyes
November 13, 2003: International Center for Pension Reform Founder/President Dr. Jose Pinera
December 3, 2003: America's Promise Vice Chair Alma J. Powell

March 23, 2004: NBC News Correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot
April 6, 2004: Boxing Manager Jackie Kallen
May 20, 2004: USA Today Columnist Linda Chavez
September 14, 2004: US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
October 29, 2004: US Congressman J.C. Watts
November 16, 2004: Eli Lilly President & CEO Sidney Taurei

March 10, 2005: Financial Expert Jean Chatzky
April 20, 2005: NASCAR Driver Kyle Petty
May 10, 2005: Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Russell
August 31, 2005: Nationally-Syndicated Political Analyst Laura Ingraham
October 26, 2005: Former US Senator Tom Daschle

January 9, 2006: Political analyst and former White House Communications Director Tony Snow
March 2, 2006: The Motley Fool David Gardner
April 25, 2006: Former White House Secretary Dee Dee Meyers
June 22, 2006: Hall of Fame basketball coach Bobby Knight
September 13, 2006: FCNY battalion commander Chief Richard Picciotto
November 7, 2006: "The Pursuit of Happyness" author Chris Gardner
October 12, 2006: Shell Oil President John Hofmeister

March 1, 2007: Personal Financial Counselor Glinda Bridgforth
April 25, 2007: Hall of Fame NFL Wide Receiver Lynn Swann
May 22, 2007: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
August 28, 2007: Author and Humorist Dave Barry
November 1, 2007: Barrett Jackson Auction Company CEO Craig Jackson
November 13, 2007: Networking Expert Harvey Mackay

February 27, 2008: Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders
April 22, 2008: Baseball Legend Tom Lasorda
May 21, 2008: Generation Why, Inc. Founder & President Eric Chester
August 21, 2008: Political Strategists James Carville and Mary Matalin
November 18, 2008: Latina media producer and entrepreneur Nely Galan
December 11, 2008: Fueling Our Future / A Blueprint for Energy Independence with T. Boone Pickens and Colonel Dave Belote

March 27, 2009: National Stimulus Plan: What Does it Mean for Arizona Business? with US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and US Airways CEO Doug Parker
August 26, 2009: National Healthcare Reform: Prognosis for Arizona with Congressman John Shadegg

March 5, 2010: ECO-nomics:Sustainability and Your Bottom Line with US Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Karen Harbert
May 19, 2010: Business Beyond Our Borders with Kai Ryssdal of American Public Media
November 9, 2010: Where Does America Go From Here? with Karl Rove

February 23, 2011: Develope Your Game Plan for Business Success with Jack Lengyel
April 11, 2011: Education for All Arizona Students: What It Will Take with Wendy Kopp and Jonah Edelman

March 7, 2012: History as a Source of Strength with David McCullough, author and historian

April 23, 2013: Leadership: Taking Charge with General Colin Powell

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