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Jeff Adams and Marty Hedlund

For over 28 years, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce's IMPACT Awards program has honored the accomplishments of Valley businesses and recognizes the impact they’ve made on the greater Phoenix business community. The 2015 awards recognized two business sector (a business with over 250 employees and a business with 250 or fewer employees) recipients in each of five categories: Community Champion, Economic Driver, Entrepreneurial Excellence, Response to Adversity and the 2015 IMPACT Business of the Year. Pictured above (L-R) are Risas Dental and Braces COO Jeff Adams, the 2014 IMPACT Business of the Year and Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Recipient (250 or Fewer Employees), GPCC President & CEO Todd Sanders and Sundt Construction Senior VP Marty Hedlund, the 2014 IMPACT Business of the Year and Economic Driver Award Recipient (More than 250 Employees). Click below for details on the last several years of IMPACT Awards:

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Testimonials From Former Recipients

Victor Vidales"Winning Business of the Year from one of the largest chambers of commerce in the country has given us even greater confidence in what we do, and confidence is critical in this market! Being the first Latino-owned company to win the coveted IMPACT award is legacy-type recognition and will pay dividends for years to come." - Victor Vidales, Owner, RE/MAX New Heights Realty (recipient, IMPACT Business of the Year, 2010)


China Mist Brands' Dan Schweiker“Winning it was one of the best things that happened to us. One of the things it did was to increase our local visibility. We got to network and meet a lot of other companies around the Phoenix area.”  - Dan Schweiker, co-founder, China Mist Brands (co-recipient, 1994)


Rick Dircks of Dircks moving and storage“It allowed us to get recognition in the Valley. We were able to use that to our business advantage. It also gave us a lot of confidence. It opened my eyes that we’re better than we think we are and other people will recognize we are a good company.” - Rick Dircks, Dircks Moving Services (recipient, 1998)


Arizona Air Boutique"Receiving the IMPACT Award really increased our company's name recognition. Before, people really just thought of us as a Mom and Pop balloon company; now they understand the depth and diversity of our business. I really feel that is because of the exposure throughout various media outlets as well as the exposure within the Chamber. Receiving the IMPACT Award allowed us to stand apart from competitors and demonstrate to our customers that they were working with a quality organization that would exceed their expectations." - Angela Lepore, Arizona Air Boutique (recipient, Response to Adversity category, 2010)


Fairytale Brownies' Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz“It’s a morale booster. We got recognized by one of the biggest chambers of commerce in the country.” - Eileen Spitalny, co-founder, Fairytale Brownies (recipient, Innovation category, 1999)


David and Sam PR"By having the Chamber officially recognize our culture it substantiates our claim that we have indeed built something unique and that if the Chamber values 'culture' enough to give an award for it, it must have serious business value." - David Eichler, Founder/Creative Director, David & Sam PR (recipient, Company Culture category, 2010)



History of the IMPACT Awards

To celebrate the Chamber’s centennial in 1988, the Small Business Council created the “Small Business Person of the Year” Award to honor “the individual who demonstrates professional leadership qualities and outstanding service to the community, as well as stability and creativity in his or her respective business.” In its twentieth year (2007), the Small Business Awards became the IMPACT Awards. This year’s honorees will join the long list of successful Valley businesses that have made an impact on our community. 

All-Time IMPACT Recipients

1988: Harvey Hodesh, Capitol Metals
1989: Joan Watson, Sunflowers
1990: Earl de Berg, Behavioral Research Center
1991: John Drexler, Ace Asphalt
1992: John Treffers, Treffers Precision
1993: Emmett “Buddy" Jobe, Phoenix International Raceway
1994: Dan Schweiker, China Mist Tea Co. and Darrell Sawyer, Sawyer Aviation
1995: G.D. “Rab" Paquette, Commercial Blueprint Company; Kristy Riding Moore, Continental Catering; Preston McMurry Jr., McMurry Publishing, Inc. 
1996: Hernandez Companies, Inc. (Overall and Community Involvement), FNN 1510 AM (Innovation), Dave Reiff Printing (Response to Adversity), Rolf's Salon (Staff Development), Sierra Screenprinting (Customer Service)
1997: Johnson Carlier, Inc. (Overall, Staff Development & Customer Service), Griggs Paint (Community Service), Apartments & More (Innovation), Terri's Consign & Design (Response to Adversity)
1998: NetPro Computing, Inc. (Overall), 1-800-FLOWERS (Community), The Shop (Innovation & Response to Adversity), Dircks Moving Services (Staff Development & Customer Service)
1999: Auto Body World (Overall, Staff Development & Customer Service), Stein Cox Group (Community Involvement), Fairytale Brownies (Innovation), Fast Signs on Central (Response to Adversity)
2000: Oregano's (Overall & Customer Service), Growth Strategies Group (Community Involvement), Connection Couriers (Innovation), Arvizu Advertising and Promotions (Response to Adversity) , Jet Products (Staff Development)
2001: Mi Ranchito Mexican Food Products (Overall), Denise Resnik & Associates (Community Involvement), Valwest Technologies (Innovation), Jackson Airport Enterprises (Response to Adversity)
2002: As You Wish Pottery (Overall), Sunrise Community Bank of Arizona (Community Involvement), Newport Furnishings (Innovation), Desert Fleet Serv (Response to Adversity)
2003: Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers (Overall), Prensa Hispana (Community Involvement), ProLink, Inc. (Innovation), Complete Print Shop (Response to Adversity)
2004: Go Media (Overall), Sitewire Marketspace Solutions, LLC (Community Involvement), Horticulture West II, Inc. (Innovation), Specialized Service Co. (Response to Adversity)
2005: Rush Auto Recyclers (Overall), Stampede Plumbing, LLC (Community Involvement), The Christmas Light Company (Innovation), American Janitorial Services, LLC (Response to Adversity)
2006: BestBill (Overall), It's a Ruff Life (Community Involvement), RDS Electric (Innovation), Furniture Affair (Response to Adversity)
2007: Engenuity Systems (Overall), Reliance Build, Inc. (Community Involvement), bluemedia (Innovation), Excaliber Precision Machining (Response to Adversity)
2008: Community Tire & Auto ServiceSpecialists (Overall), Elontec (Community Involvement), PerfectPower, Inc. (Innovation), Challenge Charter School (Response to Adversity)
2009: Western National Bank (Overall), Tri-Lite Builders (Community Involvement), O’Neil Printing, Inc. (Innovation), Advantage Urgent Care Center (Response to Adversity) , Keats, Connelly & Associates, LLC (Company Culture)
2010: RE/MAX New Heights Realty (IMPACT Business of the Year), InMedia (Community Involvement), Arizona Air Boutique (Response to Adversity), David & Sam PR (Company Culture), AArrow Advertising (Innovation)
2011: Valley Sleep Center (IMPACT Business of the Year), (Innovation), ideas*Collide (Company Culture), Accurate Signs & Engraving (Community Involvement), Virginia Auto Service (Response to Adversity).
2012: Goodmans Interior Structures (IMPACT Business of the Year and Community Champion - 250 or Fewer Employees), Trident Security Services (IMPACT Business of the Year and Entrepreneurial Excellence - Over 250 Employees), Mayo Clinic (Economic Driver - Over 250 Employees), DMB Associates, Inc. (Economic Driver - 250 or Fewer Employees), Hospice of the Valley (Community Champion - Over 250 Employees), Maddy's Pool Supply and Service (Entrepreneurial Excellence - 250 or Fewer Employees), Macayo's Mexican Kitchen (Response to Adversity - Over 250 Employees), Phoenix Collegiate Academy (Response to Adversity - 250 or Fewer Employees) 
2013:  Grand Canyon University (IMPACT Business of the Year and Economic Driver - Over 250 Employees), Penrose Academy (IMPACT Business of the Year and Response to Adversity - 250 or Fewer Employees), Arizona Diamondbacks (Community Champion - Over 250 Employees), Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Entrepreneurial Excellence - Over 250 Employees), Chas Roberts Air Conditioning (Response to Adversity - Over 250 Employees), Fiesta Bowl (Economic Driver - 250 or Fewer Employees), GlobalMed (Entrepreneurial Excellence - 250 or Fewer Employees), UMOM New Day Centers (Community Champion - 250 or Fewer Employees)
2014: Risas Dental and Braces (IMPACT Business of the Year and Entrepreneurial Excellence - 250 or Fewer Employees), Sundt Construction, Inc. (IMPACT Business of the Year and Economic Driver - More than 250 Employees),The CORE Institute (Entrepreneurial Excellence - 250 or Fewer Employees), Native American Connections (Community Champion - 250 or Fewer Employees), NJOY, Inc. (Response to Adversity - 250 or Fewer Employees), Phoenix Children's Hospital (Community Champion  - More than 250 Employees), Phoenix Zoo (Response to Adversity - More than 250 Employees),  Translational Genomics Institute (Economic Driver - 250 Employees or Fewer). 

2015: Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, LLC (IMPACT Business of the Year and Enrepreneurial Excellence - 250 or Fewer Employees), Goodwill Arizona (IMPACT  Business of the Year and Economic Driver - More than 250 Employees), HDR (Economic Driver -  250 or Fewer Employees), Arizona School Choice Trust (Community Champion - 250 or Fewer Employees), Anderson Security Agency, Ltd. (Response to Adversity - 250 or Fewer Employees), Wells Fargol (Community Champion  - More than 250 Employees), Blue Cross Blue Shield (Response to Adversity - More than 250 Employees),  EXOS (Entrepreneurial Excellence - More than 250 Employees). 

For further information about the IMPACT Awards, please e-mail jtassart [at] phoenixchamber [dot] com (Janelle Tassart) or call 602.495.6480.

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