2014 IMPACT Recipient:Risas Dental and Braces

May 12th, 2014

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Dr. Nicolas Porter DDS, Founder of Risas Dental and Braces

Risas Dental and Braces is the 2014 IMPACT Entrepreneurial Excellence Award recipient in the Small to Medium Business Sector (250 employees or fewer). Click here to see the entire list of recipients. 

Risas Dental & Braces is an innovator in health care, using new technologies and approaches that put its patients in control of their dental health. With extended hours at its multiple locations, transparent and affordable pricing and a patient-first approach, the practice has not only put smiles on thousands of Valley faces, it has proven to be a profitable business and a model for the future. 

"Dr. Nicolas" Porter never forgot how childhood dental work freed him from pain and social anxiety, but also always remembered how the considerable expense burdened his family of eight kids. Those inspirations led him first to dental school and eventually to open his own practice in 2011. While the early going was a challenge, the future sparkles like pearly whites: revenues that have increased ten-fold in three years are expected to double again in the next year, when Risas plans to have 20 locations. 

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Risas Dental and Braces

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