2014 IMPACT Recipient: NJOY, Inc.

May 7th, 2014

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Craig Weiss is President & CEO of NJOY, Inc.

NJOY, Inc. is the 2014 IMPACT Response to Adversity Award recipient in the Small to Medium Business Sector (250 employees or fewer). Click here to see the entire list of recipients. 

When the "little guy" takes on both Uncle Sam and Big Tobacco, the result isn't just smoke and fire, but also victories for innovation and perseverance. NJOY, the leading independent brand of electronic cigarettes, offers millions of Americans an alternative to tobacco, and its response to adversity is an inspirational tale. 

After the US Food and Drug Administration seized shipments of NJOY's products entering the country in 2009, the company spent two years and $2 million fighting the FDA in court. The result was a landmark legal victory, an injunction against the government and a boom in the electronic cigarette industry (expected to generate $2 billion in sales this year). 

Now the eight-year-old, Scottsdale-based company sets industry standards for safety, quality, distribution and technological advances. While it has drawn the attention of and blowback from traditional tobacco companies, NJOY isn't blowing smoke when it says it's here to stay.

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NJOY, Inc.

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