2014 IMPACT Recipient: Native American Connections

May 6th, 2014

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Dede Yazzie Devine, President & CEO of Native American Connections

Native American Connections is the 2014 IMPACT Community Champion Award recipient in the Small to Medium Business Sector (250 employees or fewer). Click here to see the entire list of recipients. 

Since 1972, Native American Connections has made a difference in the lives of traditionally-underserved populations in Greater Phoenix. While its mission is to provide Native Americans and other people of color culturally-sensitive mental health care and treatment for substance abuse, NAC has also been a leader in the fight against homelessness and its services touch those from all walks of life. 

While keeping its essence as a grass-roots, community-based organization, NAC has become a thriving business with an annual budget of nearly $5 million. By establishing many meaningful funding partnerships, it has grown a portfolio of housing developments that serve as homes and community anchors for those struggling with behavior health issues or job loss. 

With the 35-year leadership of CEO Dede Devine and a dedicated staff and group of volunteers, NAC celebrates its rich cultural history while helping write new chapters in the success stories of those it serves. 

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