BidSource FAQs


Q: When & Why did the BidSource program start?

A: BidSource began in 1988 as an economic development tool specifically designed to assist local businesses to respond to government contracting opportunities.


Q: What is BidSource?

A: BidSource is a one-stop shop that offers its subscribers access to an aggregate of procurement bid opportunities available with the federal government,  Arizona government agencies and school districts plus opportunities available in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and Denver.  BidSource provides its subscribers with bid information compiled from more than 900 government agencies.

Q: How many matched bid opportunities are available through BidSource?

A: Each month our subscribers receive more than 60,000 matched bid opportunities.


Q: How do I get access to bids that are relevant to my business?

A: Subscribers are set up with a personalized keyword report which allows them to receive bids relating only to their particular product or service. This provides subscribers more time to devote to their proposals instead of having to sift through thousands of bids themselves.

Q: What are other benefits of the BidSource program in relation to my business?

A: In addition to providing customized bid notices to match your business’s expertise, BidSource provides one-on-one consulting with a procurement specialist to help businesses identify and respond to bid opportunities. BidSource also offers educational and training seminars to assist with the bid process and getting certified with the government agencies to do business. BidSource also provides resource materials, emails and information valuable to our subscribers to become successful in the procurement arena.


Q: Do I have access to other BidSource subscribers for collaboration and networking opportunities?  

A: Yes, through your account, you can search other BidSource subscribers by company name and/or product/service keywords.


Q: How does the iPhone application work?

A: BidSource has a new iPhone application included in each BidSource subscription that delivers all the benefits of BidSource at the touch of a finger. Subscribers receive push notifications when new bids matching their keywords become available. Bid descriptions include active hyperlinks, email, and telephone numbers to enable quick and easy contact. The search feature allows access to quickly locate BidSource subscribers and bids by Keyword. A version for Droid devices is not currently available but is expected to be in the near future.


Q: Why does the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce support and host the BidSource program?

A: The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce believes the BidSource program is an important tool for its members and local businesses to be successful in receiving contracts which increases their bottom line and in turn creates and retains more local jobs.

Q: Are BidSource subscribers successful in being awarded contracts?

A: Last fiscal year, BidSource subscribers received more than $148 million in contracts with an average contract award of more than $590,000!


Q: How much does it cost to subscribe to BidSource?

A: BidSource is a minimal investment of $300 per year. If you are a Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce member, BidSource is only $150. BidSource is included with all premier memberships.

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