2013 ATHENA Finalist: Jacqueline Smith

October 9th, 2013

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Jacqueline Smith, 2013 ATHENA Young Professional Finalist

Jacqueline Smith of Arizona State University was one of three finalists for the 2013 ATHENA Young Professional Award. 

America's largest public university has huge plans for the future, and Jacqueline Smith is one of the forward-looking young people helping ASU get there. A thoughtful innovator and impactful leader, she designs and launches initiatives leveraging the skill and vision of a diverse student body to transform the university, the Valley and, eventually, the world. 

"I am most proud of helping individuals see themselves as change makers," says Smith of one such inspirational program, Changemakers Central. "Each of us needs to be a good listener and show them that the skills they have - whether it's gifts or training - can be leveraged every day to effect change, small or large." 

The youngest ATHENA finalist at 29, Smith has the unique ability to connect with students (both at ASU and local secondary schools) who are the vanguard of change, while simultaneously earning the respect of her peers and established leaders.

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